Website Design With SEO In Mind

Website Design Equals a Tidy Store

Continuing on with our series of top seo factors, let’s talk about website design. If, as I tried to establish in the previous installment of this series, we can accept that a good domain name is the online equivalent of prime retail space in a busy shopping district, then we can logically conclude that a well-designed website is akin to having a tidy, well-organized store.

Interestingly enough, this is one of those qualities that you typically don’t notice until it’s missing. You’re not likely to be moved to comment on a store that you can get around in easily – after all, that’s what you’ve come to expect. But if you find yourself in a store that is constantly out of what you need, or in which there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the layout or departmentalization – toothpaste in the dairy section, for example – you’ll quickly get annoyed with the place, probably abandon the search for whatever you came in for in the first place, and likely never return to that particular establishment. Continue reading “Website Design With SEO In Mind”

Domain Name Equals Prime Real Estate

This is the first of seven articles that will attempt to demystify important seo factors by drawing direct correlations between the steps you’d take to open a store on main street and the steps you’d take to launch a website to do business online.

In this installment, we’ll be discussing why choosing a good domain name is the same as picking out the perfect address for your new retail store, office building, or manufacturing facility.

Location, Location, Location

You want a prime location for your new business. Some place that’s easy to find and easy to give directions to. Your clients should have no trouble locating you in the busy retail/office/industrial space where you’re setting up shop and they should be able to easily guide their friends and family

Good Domain Name
A good domain name is like premium retail space.

there when they tell them what a great experience they had doing business with you.

In online terms, this is your URL or domain name. In other words, this is what people type into the address bar to get to your website (

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Top SEO Factors Simplified

When speaking with small business owners, I often get asked what the most important SEO ranking factors are. At its core, the question is pretty simple: What can I do to my website to make it show up better in search engines?But like most other SEO consultants, I have a gift for offering

SEO Ranking Factors

complicated answers to simple questions. So this is when I often launch into a litany of acronyms and jargon that induces glassy-eyed stares and nervous ticks in my audience.

In an effort to short circuit my “geek-speak” reflex, I set out to create a set of analogies that make rank factors easy to remember and easy to understand for any businessperson, regardless of their Internet knowledge or the industry they operate in. And, as it turns out, there are some direct correlations between the steps you’d take to build an optimized website and those you’d take to open a “real” store on the town square. Once you see those similarities, it doesn’t take much imagination to then see that the way a search engine finds and ranks your website is much like the way customers in your town would find and evaluate your business.

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