Can SEO Work Too Well?

Is it possible for search engine optimization to work too well?

It would seem so, at least according to one former client. He made it clear that he wanted his phone to stop ringing and that he blamed me for causing the unwelcome disruption caused by the steady flow of prospective new customers.

Does SEO Work
Too many calls, not enough cars to go around

I’m not making this up. This guy was genuinely angry at me because I had built and optimized a page on his website for the latest model of hybrid/electric car that was due to arrive on his lot in about 45 days.

The manufacturer had already begun a media blitz for the car and there was quite a buzz about the new technology it incorporated. It seemed prudent to make sure my client was taking advantage of that global buzz by leveraging local search marketing techniques.

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Think Locally. Act Globally.

You thought it was the other way around?

Local SEO Marketing
Succeed in local business with a global marketing strategy.

Yes, in most cases you’re encouraged to take a world view while tending your own backyard. But when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we feel it’s better to be a touch myopic — to focus on the businesses and customers that are right next door, just down the street, or on the next block.

Remarkably, in this modern age, the best way to reach those businesses and customers is to be present and visible on the world wide web. According to a May 25, 2011 Google press release, twenty percent of all online searches have local intent, which is to say that one in five people using a search engine are looking for a service, product, or business in their immediate area with the intent of making a purchase decision.

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